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1) How does it work?

Getting started is extremely simple. You just have to simply join the VIP SIGNALS to get started. We send out trades everyday which you can simply copy and profit from. You will also have access to powerful education which you will learn how to trade like a professional.

2) What are Forex signals?
Forex signals are where we send you our EXACT trades for you to copy and profit with. (It's basically us telling you when to buy and sell a currency pair for you to make profit with us)

3) What If you are new?
If you are new that Is not a problem! We have a team who will guide you step by step once you have joined the Vip Forex signals. We will help you get set up and ready to trade!

4) Is Forex easy or hard?
Forex is not hard & can be mastered very fast. In our course we teach you how to trade Forex like a pro in a very simple way but very powerful way. 

5) How much can you make?
It all depends on what you start with... However, many of our members make up to $2500+ per week on average and they are still growing every week!

6) How are signals sent?
Signals are sent to you through a free app called "Telegram Messenger"

6) How much money should you start trading with?
Most new traders start with at least $100 - £100+

7) How can I get started?
You can simply get started here: CLICK HERE